The singer made this announcement on Twitter, also adding that he would be publishing his first book.

In his post, Brymo revealed that plans are underway to release both projects in2018. Brymo also shared link to a channel through which his fans can get updates about his music and his forthcoming book.

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Brymo recently dropped a single off the project. It is titled

In an interview in July 2017, Brymo told presenter WanaWana Udobang on show CultureDiaries that his aim is to be the most successful artist of all time.

"My aim from 2013 was to become the most successful artist of all time in Nigeria, to make records and sell them in millions, and make profits from them and say this album sold this number of copies and this was my profit from it, and that requires having a following, an actual following" he said.

On May 1, 2017, Brymo held his Organised Chaos concert at Freedom Park, Lagos Island.