Buddy Valastro recently visited Nigeria and in a chat with Pulse, the Cake Boss offered tips on making the best cake to Nigerian bakers.

Valastro’s visit to Nigeria is coming ahead of the kick off of his new show, Bake You Rich, on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

In his chat, Valastro said he visited Lagos, Nigeria to help young and aspiring bakers achieve their full potentials.

“I’m here to meet cake designers and makers in Nigeria and also to help them achieve their full potential by giving them tips on how to be successful after he has done that in a bigger scale in the US.”

Buddy Valastro

Continuing, Valastro said, “I am here to show people that I appreciate them and really care and I’m so humbled to be here and be able to spend time with them for watching my show and supporting my business and family.”

Valastro spoke on his new show, Bake You Rick, saying “each episode in the four-part, delectable new series follows four aspiring pastry chefs as they compete in the factory kitchen, where they are not only tested on the deliciousness of their food but their valuable business skills too.”

Buddy Valastro

The Cake Boss is joined on the panel of rotating judges including Buddy's wife, Lisa Valastro, Chad Durkin, Erin McGinn, Vincent Tubito.