5 films about filmmaking every filmmaker must see

September 26th 2022, 5:29:20 pm

The art of filmmaking is a very controversial art. While talent and creativity may be in-born, a large aspect of the craft must be learnt through training.

Best Worst Movies (2009)

This training can be in a formal setting or an informal setting i.e. you may decide to go to a film school or visit YouTube to train yourself. Whatever the means of training, one thing is certain - you need to practice.

Here, I'm going to give you a list of 5 films that are about filmmaking that may end up taking the cross of having to go to a film school. By the time you finish these films, you may have learnt all the basics of filmmaking.

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This movie was filmed over a period of three years. It used the film-within-a-film technique to explore its narration. The groundbreaking Russian cinema will be useful in learning the basics of the idea of cinematography.

Directed by François Truffaut, this is a story about why a filmmaker needs to look within himself to tell a compelling story. It takes a behind the scene stab at the frustration and agony of a filmmaker.

This is a behind the scenes ode to Francis Ford Coppola’s critically acclaimed Apocalypse Now. Beyond that, it shows the madness that goes on in the filmmaking world and in the head of a filmmaker.

Making films is difficult and extremely painful especially for indie filmmakers who are working with limited budgets. This is an allegory for the filmmaking industry and it shows the trials and tribulations of low-budget filmmakers and their will to forge ahead and never give up.

This is a movie about the worst films ever. It is a story of Troll 2; a movie that is considered the worst movie of all time. This teaches the importance of improving and being able to embrace failure and move on.

Babatunde Lawal
Babátúndé Lawal is a Celebrity Reporter at Pulse. A director and writer who works in a variety of mediums, including theatre, film, and social media. When he is not trying to beat deadlines, he is either seeing a movie or watching a Chelsea F.C match.


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