In 2016, it was announced that fashion entrepreneur Toyin Lawan was getting a reality TV series executive produced by

No excitement came with that news, probably because most Nigerians have had their fair share of reality series that are so far from reality.

The premise of reality shows is to present the audience with unscripted situations. However, we have had shows like "Omotola: The Real Me" and "Jim Iyke Unscripted" come off as shows constructed by celebrities to show off their ability to do mundane things.

So, you should understand why a 'Tanniah's Empire" reality show wasn't good news. To make the wait less exciting,horrible trailer and posters were released.

When it comes to movies and TV shows, the primary tool used to get people to see your TV show or movie is to release an enticing trailer.

Unfortunately, the first trailer for "Tiannah's Empire" made its debut and there was nothing enticing about it.

However, three episodes into the series which focuses on the daily activities of Lawani, it's safe to say that it is surprisingly not the worst thing on TV.

"Tiannah's Empire" follows how the entrepreneur balances managing her 30 different business and being a single mum of two.

It is easy-going without being cloying. It doesn't entirely focus on the stylist and her two kids -Tiannah and Tenor, as her employees, colleagues and industry friends are all involved.

In episode one, there's a phone conversation with YBNL rapper, Olamide. In episode two, Seyi Shey and Skuki make an appearance. There's also Senator Ben Bruce in the third episode acknowledging Lawani's talent and efficiency while expressing his wish to meet the stylist soon.

Unlike most celebrity reality shows, there are no distractions that come in forms of misplaced accents or 'crazy shots.' It is simply a reality show that beneath its premise, seeks to inspire intending entrepreneurs through visuals of Lawani's daily hard work.

"I now run 30 businesses under one roof at Tianah's Empire," Toyin Lawani says in the first minutes of episode one, and that's enticing enough.

Talking about the series in 2016, the entrepreneur had said she was sharing her journey, pain, work, kids and how she manages Various Businesses - basically, sharing her life with viewers.

The reality series isn't "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." It is without that kind of chaotic events that people watch KUWTK for.

Maybe, if "Tiannah's Empire" made its debut while Lawani still had her young boyfriend Lord Trigg (Kensington Womadi) in her life, their publicized and dramatic relationship would have been perfect for the show.

The scheme of reality shows such as "Tiannah's Empire" has always been questionable with viewers never knowing how much of this 'reality' is a setup. So, watching episodes that seem undoubted in "Tiannah's Empire" is what makes the Lawani series a success.

Nigeria is yet to produce a reality star whose fame and influence equates that of the Kardashians.  In as much as Nigerians enjoy watching people shop, have sex, talk and fight on TV, there still isn't any captivating reality TV series that have infiltrated mass culture;  except competition formatted shows such as Big Brother Africa and Big Brother Naija.

"Tiannah's Empire" is not necessarily the best reality show you have seen on television, it is also not that show that will infiltrate the mass culture, but it's a good show that is natural and easy to watch.