The movie which seeks to make a strong case for people living with Autism disorder in the society, teaches how to love, care and and show affection to those affected with the disorder instead of abandoning and resenting them.

A quick synopsis of the movie sees David, played by Kalu Ikeagwu and Agatha Uche, (Chioma Akpotha), who are parents to a child with the disorder which is a medical condition that is characterised by impaired development in communication, social interaction and behaviour.

Agatha spends all her time as a mother trying to give her son, David Junior, the best love money can’t buy and to ensure he grows up to be independent,while her husband is frustrated with the demands and distractions that comes with his son's disorder.

He eventually walks out on his family when he could  no longer  cope with his autistic son. As this plays out, Agatha loses her job, but with the support of an older friend, Jasmine played by Ebele Okaro and the entrance of a wanna be musician, Terry, they managed to introduce the young David into music where his talent for singing blossoms beyond the imagination of all.

Aside Ebele Okaro, the movie is star studded with the likes Ekpeyoung Bassey,Victor Okenwa, Belinda Effa, Bruno, Chuma Okaro,Chikezie Uwazie,Chinedu Mbadiwe, with a special guest appearance by Reggae musician, Orits Wiliki.

The Premiere of the movie comes up on May 30th, 2014, and is sponsored by pharmaceutical giants, Neimeth Nigeria Plc.

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