Yoruba comic actor, Sanyeri, has reportedly injured himself while performing a stunt during a recent shooting of his new movie "Asiwaju" featuring Mr. Ibu.

The actor confirmed this in an interview with Punch News, revealing that the incident occurred when he was playing a character who had spiritual problems.

He told Punch that the scene required him to be on the roof of a house. It was at the point where the character was trying to avoid police arrest that he broke his leg.

Sanyeri further disclosed that he is recuperating at his residence, but currently has a leg cast aimed at helping his recovery.

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“I got injured on the set of the movie I just concluded works on. I did a stunt and broke my leg. I am not in a hospital, I am at home but as we speak I have a POP cast on my leg."

"The character I was playing had to climb the roof of a house because he had some spiritual problems. When the landlord of the house realised that someone was on his roof, he called the police and while avoiding arrest, the character had to jump off the roof of the house."

"That was how I broke my leg and the doctors said that the cast would be on my leg for a month."

The actor represents one of the new generation of funny Yoruba actors, who have acquired a stereotype for humorous roles, which has earned him quite a following.

Some of his movies include "Jenifa", "Edun Ara" and "Mama Do Good".