As Cameroon gets ready to host the  much anticipated Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) from April 25 - 30 in Buea, south West Region,

1. It's the first edition of CAMIFF

The first edition of the movie festival is already looking amazing as it will not only play host to some of the best actors in Africa but will open doors for the Cameroon film industry to be discovered and recognized by foreign stakeholders. It will hold in the historic and chilly town of Buea, found right beneath the famous Cameroon mountain (4,040 m high).

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2. Movie showcase

CAMIFF 2016 is expected to showcase more than 30 movies from different movie producers across the world. Founder, Agbor Gilbert says film makers from Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, India and Hollywood will be showcasing their films at the newly opened cinema at the Buea Shopping Mall as from April 26.

3. Platform for movie distribution

The forthcoming film festival is to help with the distribution and recognition of Cameroonian films. To create a market for Cameroon films and partnerships with foreign channels to help air the country's films and negotiate content deals.

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4. Introduce fresh faces to African film

The Cameroon Int'l Film Festival will bring to light new film faces from Cameroon to the rest of the continent. "It's high time African recognizes actors and film producers from Cameroon because we have so many talented actors still to shine on a wider platform," Agbor said in an interview with DCODED TV

5. Promotion of African film worldwide

CAMIFF is out to promote collaboration between foreign film makers and Cameroonian film makers. It will encourage co-production and expand marketing and distribution. Bot english and french films will be available for viewership and sales.