In a statement published on E! Online, CBS announced President Barack Obamas wife will appear in an episode that will air in the US on May 3.

The special episode, titled 'Homefront', shall see Mrs Obama welcome special agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the wife of a Marine to the White House for a “Joining Forces” roundtable with actual military spouses.

The airing of that particular episode is quite significant, given that the date coincides with the launch of a nationwide initiative called Joining Forces, supporting military members, veterans and their families.

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Speaking about the experience, Gary Glasberg, NCIS chief producer said in a statement; “Filming inside the White House was a dream come true for the NCIS cast and crew.

“It was such a pleasure working with First Lady Michelle Obama and it’s our honour to support the ‘Joining Forces’ initiative and the military families that benefit from it.”

The appearance on NCIS is not going to be the first time FLOTUS  would make a TV appearance.

She previously appeared on "Project Runway: Junior", Nashville and Disney Channel’s "Jessie" and also had a stint at comedy on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon".

Watch Michelle Obama feature in the comedy video below: