Asurf Oluseyis "Hakkunde" has an official release date.

The movie which was previously scheduled for a July release will now make its debut in cinemas on August 4, 2017.

"Hakkunde" is an intriguing story of a young graduate who battles everything (including love, family, discrimination, drug abuse, culture, tradition and self) on his journey to self discovery and actualization. The movie tells a story of the identity of an average Nigerian graduate’s struggle for an identity and livelihood.

The movie features Frank Donga, Ali Nuhu, Maryam Booth, Ibrahim Daddy, Isa Bello Ja, Rahama Sadau and Hadiza Soja.

“Hakkunde” is produced and directed by Oluseyi and was written by Oluseyi, Tomi Adesina and Gift Imafidon.