After running it as a series on Instagram Live, Public Eye, a talk by media great Funmi Iyanda will debut on television on Sunday, November 1, 2020.

Iyanda first debuted the show on Instagram Live in May to focus on the Covid-19 pandemic, asking "the right questions of the right people".

In a bid to bring the messages of the show to a bigger audience, Public Eye will hit television on Sunday to shine a light through the fog of confusion and fear and provide answers to the nagging questions plaguing Nigeria.

With Public Eye, Iyanda brings together the different stakeholders affected by the many problems in Nigeria - police brutality, poor education, sexual abuse, and more - and those with the power to fix these problems.

The problems are not just discussed, but contextualized in a manner that highlights why these problems persist and the solutions.

Public Eye will air every Sunday at 5 pm on TVC News.