Do you consider 'Christian Grey creepy?

The wealthy, handsome and dominating Grey sure does have his own abnormal ways of making his feelings known to Ana.

While most Nigerian ladies would appreciate his dominating and 'caring' personality, others would find it completely crazy and creepy.

Check out six things that Christian Grey does in Fifty Shades of Grey  that would be creepy to most Nigerian ladies.

  • Attacking any man he sees around her - and to think they were just getting to know each other.
  • Penning down his sexual requirements, and expecting her to sign the contract.
  • Trying to control Ana Steele's diet - She must eat what he wants her to eat.
  • Christian Grey is a professional stalker (A girl need her space once in a while).

He meets Anna and is immediately obsessed with her, finds out her work place and turns up unannounced. Walks up to her bedroom while she’s alone - how did he get the keys?

Not only does he get furious when she says she scheduled a trip to her mother’s house in another state, he turns up uninvited.

  • Anna must go to a doctor that Christian chooses, and take the contraceptive that he chooses.
  • He is friends with his ex female dominant of 6 years.

Christian is friends with Elena Lincoln (Mrs Robinson). The woman who seduced him when he was fifteen years old and introduced him to BDSM.

According to Christian "She is a friend, she understands me. I confide in him" - He said. Who does that?

Now we are done, what isn't creepy about the above listed traits of the handsome Mr Grey.