"Empire" season two finale titled

On episode 17 ofundefined Jamal was shot, Rhonda found out Booboo Kitty pushed her, among other heated events.

From Lucious getting married to Jamal's fate revealed, check out five things that happened on season two finale.

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Here we go;

1. Jamal is alive and home, nursing his wounds.

2. Anika threatened  to ruin Hakeem and Laura's wedding by committing suicide. A teary Cookie convinced her not to jump.

3. Anika got served with a subpoena to testify against Lucious at Hakeem's wedding to Laura. And Laura and her family fled the wedding scene, leaving Hakeem heartbroken.

4. To prevent Anika from testifying against Lucious, Lucious got married to Anika.  “I did not save this bitch’s life so she could ruin mine!” a heartbroken Cookie screamed.

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5. A Rage-filled Rhonda attacked Anika near a legde. Andre discovered the duo choking each other,  but before he could do anything to stop them, someone falls, and the credits roll.

Fans would have to wait until next season to find out which Lyon fell.

Who do you think fell? Anikan or Rhonda?