Day five ended on a jittery note especially for fans hoping for a possible situationship between their favourites, Ozo and Dora.

Probably hoping for a positive response, Dora prompted the 'what are we' moment by threatening to drop off their thriving triangle with Nengi. She also hinted that their friendship could be ruining her chances with other male housemates.

Ozo, on his end, tried to make safe landing with Dora's already bruised emotions by first allaying her fears. When that fell through, he banished himself to the seek a heart to heart with his new bestie, Eric.

Surprisingly, Ozo sought Nengi out shortly after and the pair discussed the potential roadblocks that could mare their potential situationship.

In the wake of Ozo's latest move, Twitter NG has again gone berserk with tweets about their favourite or not so favourite housemate. See some reactions: