Media star Funmi Iyanda has released the sixth episode of her web series, “Ask Funmi.”

In this three-part episode, Iyanda answers the following questions;

Question 1

What advice do you have for a gay man, who has no desire for a marriage or children but wants to age happily?

Question 2

Do you ever just want to wild out?Would you consider having strippers at a bachelor or bachelorette party against feminist principles?

Would you patronize a strip club or care if your partner did?

Question 3

Why do single parent/young ladies especially have to go through the pain of outcast?

How can we convince this part of the world we found ourselves that mistakes happen everyday and we still need true love at least to help with the burden of being a single mother?

The “Ask Funmi” vlog is one that has been created to focus on everything from relationships to politics and more.