The "Free Madness" singer, who recently suffered a car accident in Lagos, says the reality TV star and he never had an amorous relationship. They relationship, he says, was only religious, referring to her as  his Christian sister.

When questioned in a recent interview with Sunday Punch, Terry G, debunking the reports, said, "That is a false notion; I was not involved in any amorous relationship with ."

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When pressed further with the question of whether he chose to dump Beverly because of her drinking and smoking habits, the bell-ringing artiste said, "How can you break up with or break the heart of someone you were never in a relationship with in the first instance?

"We were not in any kind of love relationship; I am her Christian brother and she is my Christian sister. It was a Christian relationship."

However, the singer, who has a satchet-water business admits that he still keeps in touch with the former BBA star.

"Yes, I am still in touch with her, but only as a member of my church," he says.