Waka music legend, Salawa Abeni has been discharged from the hospital a week after her accident.

Last week Sunday, October 18, 2015 the veteran singer suffered a 'nasty fall' on her way to an event. NET reached out to her oldest daughter Aminat Okikiola who said she has been charged. Salawa Abeni was discharged from Triumph Hospital in Toyin street in Ikeja on Monday, October 26, 2015.

"Yes mummy is out of the hospital now and she’s a lot better. She’ll continue her recovery at home" she said.

The accident that put Salawa Abeni in the hospital  occurred while she was off to the City People Award.

"Yes she’s in a hospital, she had an accident on Sunday. But contrary to what I’ve been reading online, she’s not having a surgery. By the grace of God, she should be out of the hospital this weekend."

"It’s not a minor accident, she took a nasty fall as she tried to come out of the car and somehow the driver moved the car. She suffered a bruised face, broken arm and shoulder. She was on her way to the City People Fashion Awards in Ikeja when she slipped. We just got a phone call that she was being rushed to the hospital" said Aminat on Sunday.

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