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In a recent interview that made rounds yesterday Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde revealed that her husband goes to the market for her. “Let me tell you something more, my husband is actually the one who goes to the market. I don't go to the market because I can't. Because of my status, I can't.

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“But my husband didn't say you know traditionally, a man is not supposed to go to the market, 'I'm not gonna go, no' my husband actually goes to the market” she said.

For some reason the fact that her husband goes to the market instead of her threw a lot of people off. Quite a number of people wondered why Omotola’s husband Captain Ekeinde would be going to the market for his wife.

“This Omotola husband is falling other man hand” read one tweet yesterday. There were also tweets from people who saw nothing wrong with what Omotola’s husband does.

Popular blogger Omojuwa tweeted “If you are angry Omotola's husband goes to the market for her, you are always free to volunteer for the job or apply within.”

You can picture what happened next. There were arguments and counter arguments on why what Omotola’s husband is right or wrong.

To me it is even baffling that people are talking about Omotola’s husband going to the market. Let’s look at this logically. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is a household brand. At least one person in each household in Nigeria knows Omotola. She is a national star. She can’t go out randomly in public.

Imagine Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde going to shop at a market in Lagos. She will cause more than a scene, she will cause a stampede. It only makes sense that she does not go out like she is a common, anonymous person. So with that said it only makes sense that her husband goes shopping for her.

Now even if Omotola isn’t super famous there is nothing wrong with Captain Ekeinde going to the market. The world has moved on from traditional family roles. There is nothing wrong with the man of the house shopping for the family.

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A relationship is between two people who are meant to help themselves. If you can’t help your woman in shopping then why are you with her? Nigerian men need to know that their wives are not house helps or slaves. They are their partners. Women are not domestic servants. There is nothing in wrong in going to the market for food.

However there are a lot of women who don’t want their husbands to go to the market. It’s not because they don’t appreciate it but most women think men suck at buying stuff. A man could buy mangoes in a market and a woman would complain that they are not good. Women have more detailed eyes than men that is why they are good at buying things.

Okay all jokes aside Omotola’s husband is the type of men that we need in this country, men that are not caged to traditional family roles. Shout out to Captain Ekeinde.