Yesterday (Tuesday, April 6, 2016) I watched

The 49 minute clip was uploaded to her

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In the video Toyin Aimakhu faces the camera and speaks on a range of topics including her failed marriage to actor Adeniyi Johnson.

Speaking to the camera, Toyin Aimakhu says she cannot get married again because of trust issues stemming from her previous marriage. She said, “I got married to a Yoruba guy but I packed my load away because he loves girls too much. I still love him but can't marry him again. Never.”

It’s not what Toyin Aimakhu said that intrigued me but how she said it. In the video the actress was acting very 'off', her mannerisms and gestures were confusing. She was also rubbing her hand on her chest which was kind of disturbing.

Maybe just maybe the pressure of having her life out there is starting to affect Toyin Aimakhu. Speaking to the camera she looked uncoordinated sort of.

Toyin Aimakhu has had her life in the public for the last two years mainly because of her marriage and her relationship with Seun Egbegbe, a movie producer. During this period she has had a few disturbing moments, lashing out at fans, and crying on Instagram.

I don’t want to believe her attitude in her monologue YouTube video is just out of the ordinary. It might be another evidence that points to the fact that Toyin Aimakhu needs some time away from the public eye. She needs to reboot and refresh.

Constantly putting her business out there might have adverse effects on her mental health. We have seen numerous celebrities like Britney Spears and Kanye West crack under pressure when they are out under the spotlight.

No one can deny that Toyin Aimakhu isn’t a talented actress but the drama around her these last few years have been something else. The scrutiny and gossip headlines have been numerous also.

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She needs to slow down before she really cracks up and people start running from pillar to post. The people around her should be concerned about her state of mind but we know that people who hang around celebrities don’t always make the best decisions.

Toyin Aimakhu needs to chill and do away with all the harmful habits before it becomes too late.