Hats off to the actress

The movie producer threw more gasoline to the flames when he granted an interview to

Toyin Aimakhu did not stir the hornet's nest by saying anything inflammatory about the controversial issue. On Monday, April 18, 2016 she issued a statement via her Instagram account.

“In the process of getting my life together and moving on quickly with my life I made another mistake of getting myself into another mess which only makes me human and i believe every disappointment is a blessing.

“For the record I never for once stated that I was kidnapped by Mr. Seun Egbegbe or anyone... I have a life of my own which consist of my father, mother, siblings and extended family. they also are not happy and it eats me up, please I beseech u all no one should mention my name along with no man anymore please enough is enough” she wrote.

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Going back to the incident, no one knows who started the rumour that Seun Egbegbe kidnapped Toyin Aimakhu on a movie set but that story travelled fast. Seun Egbegbe did not like the accusation and he made it known several times.

“What I am standing on which I still repeat- she must definitely come out there and tell people the truth about what happened between both of us. She must come out there and let people know what really happened between both of us. I receive everyday many comments, insultive words from different people” Seun Egbegbe said bitterly to Goldmyne TV.

In another Instagram post on the same day Toyin Aimakhu pleaded to her fans to allow her heal from all the drama that has surrounded within the past year.

“I want to appeal to anyone i might have offended in anyway, my FANmily, news house and bloggers to please leave me be to process all i am going through and heal quickly....” she said.

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When I saw her say this I was very happy. On April 6, 2016 I wrote that the famous Yoruba actress needs help to deal with all that she has been through.

“....Toyin Aimakhu needs some time away from the public eye. She needs to reboot and refresh” I wrote.

Additionally I said “Constantly putting her business out there might have adverse effects on her mental health. We have seen numerous celebrities like Britney Spears and Kanye West crack under pressure when they are out under the spotlight.”

Acceptance is the first step of healing and Toyin Aimakhu has achieved this. It would have been a shame if Toyin Aimakhu’s talent drowned in all the controversies.

Now that she knows she needs time to heal Toyin Aimakhu should leave the spotlight for some soul searching, and try to avoid trouble.

I optimistic that Toyin Aimakhu has taken a turn for good. I believe that the drama is behind her.