Nigerias music queen

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"My biggest failure was exposing my private life too much. There will always be speculation, but by addressing it you are adding more fuel to the fire. I now choose not to address anything" Tiwa Savage told the magazine.

Tiwa Savage is most likely referring to her April 29, 2016, video interview where she spoke candidly about her marriage troubles with her husband Tunji 'Tee Billz' Balogun.

The video would send shock waves across the country. Within 72 hours the video had been viewed one million times. Today, the video has a two million views, a staggering number for a Nigerian celebrity interview.

After granting the tell-all, Tiwa Savage was smart enough not to let the interview determine her narrative. She moved beyond the controversy and went back to work immediately.

This, however, did not stop numerous opinion articles, tweets, and Instagram prayers from coming out. After that, it seemed that Tiwa Savage's business was everybody's business.

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Right now is the perfect time for Tiwa Savage to announce that her private life will no longer be for public consumption. She has an international deal and doesn't need the headlines to be focused on her private life. It's business time for Tiwa Savage.

Since she and Tee Billz came out as a couple a few years ago it has been a roller coaster for the star singer. Her wedding was a public spectacle. When she wore a bikini a few days after her wedding she was slated for not dressing responsibly as a wife.

Even when she gave birth Tiwa Savage revealed a lot about the circumstances surrounding her childbirth.

For such a huge star like Tiwa Savage, she has given the public too much information about how private life. Now is the perfect time to end it all. The circus is over. Her private life should remain private.