The inevitable has to be asked after

It is hard to answer that question, both parties haven't released any statement indicating that their marriage is finally over but it will be pretty hard for things to go back the good old days for Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage.

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According to what we know this is the second time Tiwa Savage's marriage is showing signs of falling apart in public. The first time happened two years ago. After several rumours that the singer was going to divorce her husband the two of them patched things up and announced that they were expecting their first child.

With a new baby, Jamil in 2015, things looked good for the Baloguns. It seemed their son had brought them back together but from yesterday's drama we can see that there were many cracks behind those lovely Instagram photos of theirs.

Tee Billz's rants yesterday sounded final. It felt like he had walked out of his marriage with Tiwa Savage. As for the singer, her silence might mean she is done with the toxic relationship with her former manager.

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From here on, it is going to be a waiting game of how who will make the first statement. I won't be surprised if none of them say anything over the next few months. I expect a quiet separation that will go below the radar of the press. After separation things might lead to a divorce if both parties don't reconcile.

Tee Billz said a lot of things yesterday that will be hard to forget. Like I said the option of reconciliation will be very hard. Major damage was done yesterday and it will be nearly impossible to take his words back.

Like I had written in my earlier opinion piece, this is the time that Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz to be left alone. They have major decisions to make in the coming months, decisions that will not only affect themselves but their son as well.

Watch video where the singer addresses her husband's accusations below: