Oh my...Nollywood actress

In a recent interview with

“I’m sorry I don’t think men and women should have equal rights in this case. I think the male should have more than the female, but it should be with proportion, maybe on a ratio of 60 to 40.

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“The reason why I think so is because we women tend to be extremely domineering when it comes to issues and sometimes sentimental. Men can be detailed even though we are sometimes. So, there are proportions in all these things.

“The role of a man can never be over emphasized. Even though I’m a woman rights activist, I still believe in the place of a woman and a man. The man is supposed to be a step ahead of the woman; you can never take that away” Foluke Daramola said.

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Wow that’s a strong statement to make in this era of political correctness and feminism. Clearly Foluke Daramola did not takes these two things into consideration when airing her thoughts.

I am not a celebrity so I can say whatever I feel like. I have nothing wrong with the two concepts first of all. Foluke Daramola is no ordinary citizen and has to watch what she says. Clearly the actress does not give a hoot about that.

Just like politicians, celebrities have to be careful about what they say in public. A wrong statement can be used against you and in extreme cases it might lead to the end of your career. On social media and websites Foluke Daramola is being slaughtered for her ‘patriarchal’ mode of thinking. I have no qualms with her expressing her mind but what she said was a bit extreme for the social climate we live in these days.

If I was Foluke Daramola’s publicist I would have advised her to be moderate about her view on gender equality. She should tow the line and not swing sharply to the right. Well she has said what she feels and must ride the storm.

In a country like America she would have been forced to issue a statement and apologize. This is Nigeria and all she has to do is wait till it blows over. Nigerians quickly forget things and by Wednesday this will be all over.

Foluke Daramola should continue her good work of trying to educate people about rape in the country. She has been a constant voice in that cause.

As for her critics, they should lighten up. The actress has every right to express her mind freely and not get attacked for it. Feminists or equal rights activists shouldn't bully people who have different opinions from them. Rather they should be open to discussions and not Internet bullying.

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