Yesterday (September 22), Peter Okoye of Psquare bent (but did not break) the Nigerian Internet when he shared a graphic eggplant picture on Instagram.

The picture created a lot of buzz online which led the pop superstar to delete it a few minutes later. He apologized for his action, and revealed a new competition centred around his TV show .

We put up a poll yesterday to find out what readers thought about Peter Okoye's picture. After 24 hours, a majority of the people who took part in the poll believe what the singer did was wrong. That majority was 55.3%.

21.1% believe the singer/dancer was right in posting the egg plant photo, while 23.7% were indifferent.

Peter Okoye recently purchased a condominium with his brothers, Paul and Jude in the city of Atlanta. The musical duo known as Psquare are currently on a tour of North America and Canada.

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