In the ever-evolving world of celebrities, it is a known fact that celebrities have their times and seasons and so they have to make best do of their prime time.

1. Eddy Remedy

Eddy Remedy was a member of the defunct hip-hop group, Remedies, a group that made waves in the late 90s to the early 2000s. They were the toast of every concert and show in the country and outside the country. However, after the group split, Eddy moved on to begin a solo career which produced a couple of songs.

Eddy's music career didn't surpass those very few years, as he soon faded away from the limelight and music industry. It is unknown what he has been up to lately.

2. Blacky

Blacky was one of the most popular artists back in the 90s. He broke into the limelight with his song "Rosie" which was a huge banger and a success at that time.

He was seen as the ladies man because of his looks and amazing voice. Lately, nothing has been heard about him musically, even though back in 2016 he was given a special recognition award at the City People Entertainment Awards

3. Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson was one of the biggest musicians in the mid 90s with his hit songs. Mr. Ragamuffin, which earned him the moniker of the same name, played a major role in the birth of the new era of music.

Lately, nothing musically has been heard from the once famous music star. It is reported that he is presently running a bakery business.

4. Sandra Achums

Sandra Achums was probably one of the biggest actresses back in the 90s. She was known for her very brilliant acting prowess. She interpreted movie roles with so much perfection. Sandra Achums was always the talk of the tabloids because of her popularity. Everyone can remember her role in the movie "Hatred" where she played the role of a wicked granddaughter.

Since the emergence of the new Nollywood, Sandra Achums has been relatively absent and hasn't played any major roles. She is however now married and resides abroad with her family.

5. Black Face

Black Face was a member of the defunct group, Plantainshun Boyz. He was a very vital part of the group with his unique voice. Together with his other group mates, 2face Idibia and Face, they were able to become the most popular boy band ever in the country. Some would call them the Boyz 2 men of Nigerian music.

When the group split, Black Face went on to create a well-received album. After that he hasn't been able to bounce back to do so much musically, rather he was recently quoted as saying that his former group mate, 2Face stole some of his musical works.

6. Susan Patrick

Susan Patricks was probably one of the biggest actresses of the 90s. She was an A-lister, a toast to all the big tabloids and socialites. She can be remembered for her role in the movie "Sakobi" where she played the pretty lady possessed with a demonic spirit.

Sadly she lost her husband in 2006, which probably made her take a back seat in the Nollywood industry. She hasn't featured in any movie since then.

7.Jumobi Mofe-Damijo

Jumobi Mofe-Damijo was a very big media personality back in the late 90s. She was the host to the popular television show "Lunch Break" on Africa Independent Television.

She later got married to movie icon, Richard Mofe-Damijo. She is reportedly said to be a top management staff at one of Nigeria's leading telecommunications company.

8. Regina Askia

Regina Askia was a beauty queen turned actress. She was one of those beauty queens who pioneered the movie industry. She was and still a beauty to behold. She starred in a couple of movies which made her popular and controversial.

However, the beauty queen took a break from acting and got married, moved to the United States where she started a family and career path. She is now a nurse in the US.

9. 2Shotz

2Shorts was part of the new era of rappers who took the Nigerian music industry by storm. He was known for his lyrical infusion of pidgin English into rap which made him a unique rapper. He released an album that was well received by fans and admirers.

2Shorts later got married and was involved in some alleged domestic violence scandal against his wife. Apart from that, nothing has been heard from the once famous rapper.

10. Victoria Inyama

Victoria Inyama is one name that cannot be easily forgotten amongst the 90s greats in the Nollywood industry. She was one of the most sought-after actresses back then. Aside from being a very beautiful actress, Victoria Inyama was also known to be a quite controversial character.

The Enugu born actress, however, got married in 2003 and relocated to London with her family where she has remained, raising her children.