The usually shy pop star Paul Okoye has come out to pray for Nigeria .

Concerned over the lack of development in Nigeria, Paul Okoye wrote his prayer for the country on his Instagram account yesterday (October 6). Paul Okoye shared a picture of New York and compared it to what we have in Nigeria.

"Dear God even if I know I will never see my country like this..... But atlist let my children or grand children see my country like this one beg I de beg,....this na wickedness Haba!!! Asin I taya" he wrote.

Last month, Paul Okoye revealed that he cries anytime he performs 'Beautiful Onyinye'. According to him the song reminds him of his mother.

"Sometimes I cry on stage, especially when singing beautiful onyinye, our late mum's favorite song .....     I know she's watching with our dad. Miss u guys..... DC 1 luv" wrote Paul Okoye on his Instagram account. He shared a black and white picture of him on stage crying when he performed the song.

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