In the 2015 Pulse List of the

One name conspicuously missing from the list was former beauty queen now TV presenter/actress Munachi Abii. The 2007 MBGN winner did not feature in the list after a spirited debate at the Pulse office.

The majority which had its way  felt that Munachi Abii wasn't exactly a popping and hot female celebrity in 2015 and didn't merit despite coming out as an actress.

'New year, new me' might sound like a cliché to some, but for Munachi (Muna) for short, it is real as it gets. On January 22, 2016, photos of Muna on the cover of Ghoste Magazine and the former beauty queen looked hot.

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Muna's body wasn't really banging last year but on this cover, she got down and she showed that she was ready to hit the gym and get that bod back. It was more than just a New Year resolution that would be quickly forgotten for Muna. She was down to get that body back.

On August 24, 2016, Muna shared a photo of her working with her trainer. From the picture, it is clear that she is looking slimmer and sexier.

Not only is Muna looking better but her new lifestyle has had positive effects on her confidence as well. "The moment I decided to take care of myself, I began to improve. My confidence went up, my stamina increased (except for the days I'd rather sit back and slam my face with cheesecake) I've got a spring in my step & everyone around me is happier too" she confessed on Instagram.

However, don't think that Munachi just got slim. A quick glance through her Instagram page and you will discover that the evidence of her workout plan has been showing for a while.

The ex-MBGN queen has been on that positive and fit lifestyle for a minute this year. Her Instagram page is choke-full of positive messages of hope, confidence and inspiration.

"Never let anything phase you.  You got this. & no one can stop your shine for it is written" she wrote back in June on her Instagram.

Apart from the fit fam and positive movement, Muna is also a TV presenter,  a co-presenter on ‘Fashion 360’ on Spice TV Africa alongside Eso Okolocha where they talk about Fashion, celebrities, gossips and what’s new on social media.

And to be honest Munachi Abii has been more active than the average Nigerian beauty queen that dash into oblivion when their reign comes to an end.

Now if she can get that rap career back on, Munachi will be back in full force.