Nollywood actor, Prince Eke, and his wife, Muma Gee welcomed their third child on Thursday, August 18, 2016.

"To aspire for success , you must first recognise the possibility of failure. ...#GLADIATORS #AwesomeGod #OKWULUOKA #HappyFamily," her husband Prince Eke captioned the photo.

Eke, who is clearly smitten about his new child, Okwuluoka, posted a picture of himself holding the infant.

He wrote, "What more can a man receive as a birthday present? God just gave me another daughter by exactly 4:45 pm today on my birthday , mother and child smiling ....#GLADIATOR#AwesomeGod".

Prince Eke got married to Muma Gee, who is a singer, in 2011.

They have managed to stay off scandals and the tantrums which has become a trend in celebrity marriages.