If you think you would ever come between IK Ogbonna and his wife, Sonia then get ready to be dragged just the way the actor did to a disrespectful follower on Instagram.

So the gist is that IK Ogbonna's wife, Sonia had taken to her Instagram page on Thursday, May 10, 2018, to post a photo of herself and as usual, the comments section was filled up with comments but one nosy follower took it to the extreme.

"Only thing you know how to do best is to dress like prostituted," the disrespectful follower wrote. It didn't even take up to a minute for Sonia's Knight in shining armor, IK Ogbonna to come to her rescue.

"@djunderb this is what happens when a mother refuses to breastfeed her child bcos of his nkapi teeth. Better go back to ur village and get that breast milk u missed out on coz ur brain is def not fully developed,'' he replied. Oops! IK Ogbonna really took that to the cleaners.

This is not the first time Sonia Ogbonna will be facing nosy and disrespectful followers on her Instagram page.

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Sonia Ogbonna takes follower to the cleaners overdress style comments

IK Ogbonna's wife might be pretty but she has got so much savage which she served on a nosy fan who made comments about her dress style. According to the Colombian born model, a nosy fan sent her a message advising her to dress like she was a married woman and she decided to share the conversation with all her followers.

"Pls, when u start dressing like a married woman??? U still look like a single lady I wonder what is d message u are trying 2 send to 2 young girls out there," the nosy fan wrote.

Sonia Ogbonna then replied the fan with a message which well...might have the nosy fan having a rethink as to why she sent that message.