In the interview Kim says,

"All my life men have told me I wasn’t pretty enough–even the men I was dating. And I’d be like, ‘Well, why are you with me, then?’

I have low self-esteem and I always have. Guys always cheated on me with women who were European-looking. You know, the long-hair type. Really beautiful women that left me thinking, ‘How I can I compete with that?’ Being a regular black girl wasn’t good enough.”

She says the only man who ever loved her was rapper Notorius BIG, but then again he left her & kept her as a side chick.

Wonder why fans are so surprised with her new look...

Its common knowledge that over the years the 41-year-old Grammy winner has undergone a Michael Jackson-style transformation of her skin colour and nose shape.

The "Queen Bee" singer had been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery in March 2012 where she seemed to have a lighter skin tone and a smaller nose.

Watch Lil Kim's interview at the breakfast club in video below.