Following his positive steps towards recovery including being transferred to a Los Angeles hospital, a Wednesday report suggests that NBA star, Lamar Odom may require a kidney transplant, according to Us.

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Its a sign that even though he's making progress, the journey to recovery is going to be long and tedious.

The Ex-Lakers man will be needing six hours of kidney dialysis daily, and ultimately, a kidney replacement, according to a USA Today source. Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant, other players celebrate the 2009 NBA Championship

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The only positives are that all the other organs that were feared damaged during his four-day coma are getting better.

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Khloe Kardashian said on her website on Tuesday:

"You can never be prepared for an experience like this, but without the outpouring of love and endless prayers that Lamar has received and the strength I was given from my loved ones, it would have been difficult to endure."