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The throwback photo shows Kris with late ex husband, Robert Kardashian Sr., and baby kourtney as they posed for a family snap way back when.

Kris shared the photo, commenting:

"Happy Birthday tomorrow beautiful @kourtneykardash !! I know it's crazy but I remember this pic like it was yesterday.. You have brought so much love, joy, and happiness into my life and I'm proud to be your Mom.. You teach all of us everyday what it means to be an amazing daughter, Mom, sister, friend, and a genuinely beautiful human being. Thank you for being such a bright light and an inspiration to me every day.. You are kind and patient and have the biggest heart and I love you more than you will ever know. You will always be my firstborn who captured my heart.... Oh, and I'm really sorry about this outfit I put you in....I love you, mommy."

The photo shows the Kardashian's looking like an ideal family before the fame and fortune made them into what they have become.

Kris who had earlier shared another version of this particular photo, gushing about her first born, might be a lot of things but she obviously, genuinely loves her children and has her own unique way of showing it.

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Find out more about Kris Jenner in video clip below: