The incident occurred while the superstar was performing “Sorry.”  The Biebs wiped out instead of gliding across the water as he jumped around.

A video of what happened has landed online showing the singer slipping and tumbling on his butt in front of thousands of fans

Bieber jumped right back up like a pro and went on like nothing happened as his backup dancers continued to do moves around him. And as video of the fall circulated on social media, a number of fans admitted they were both “crying” and “laughing” at this mishap.

Avoiding to talk about the incident, he simply tweeted after the concert, "Tonight was a great show. Thanks. #PurposeTourKansasCity.” And on Instagram, he shared a post-show photo of himself shirtless with his Calvins showing.

While fans would normally fixate on that, many instead commented about the cigarette in his hand.