In a current chat with Punch Newspaper, the Best Indigenous Act (Yoruba) at the 2016 Africa Movies Viewers Choice Awards said though she would eventually settle down and marry one day, it's currently not in her plans.

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The star also hinted that though she has many admirers and men asking her out, she prefers to be married to her career till she attains the zenith of her career.

In her words, 'I am not married, but I am married to my career at the moment because I do not want any distraction. For now, no boyfriends. I have many ‘toasters’ but it is not yet time for me to be in a relationship. It is not that I am turning down offers;  basically in life, you have to set goals and have plans. Right now, I don’t even see it as what I want, I just want to focus on my career, I don’t want any distraction for myself.'