John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu has come out to deny that he had a one night stand with a fan.

The funny actor made this known while granting a telephone interview with PUNCH said he didn't sleep with the woman in question. According to him, even though he posed for a photo with the lady, he didn't sleep with her.

"The woman approached me to take a picture with me alongside her husband. She said she happily posted those pictures she took with me without any write-up. It was when a blog carried the picture that a write-up appeared from nowhere.

“I initially called police to arrest the woman, but she came to my house with her family to apologise that she would not have posted the picture had she known it would cause trouble. She swore that she would not have a child if she ever wrote anything evil about me. I believed her. I told her that she did nothing wrong by posting the picture.”

A few weeks ago, a certain lady posted a photo on her Facebook page where she also bragged about sleeping with John Okafor. When that photo went viral, it got a lot of people talking. The last time an actor was called out for cheating was back in April when Bishop Umeh was allegedly accused of cheating on his wife.

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Cheating scandal as alleged chat between Bishop Umoh and mystery woman surfaces

Back in April 2018, Bishop Umoh was embroiled in a cheating scandal after a chat between a mysterious lady and himself surfaced online.

The funny actor in the chat is alleged to have tried to hook up with the lady at Eko Hotel and Suites. However, in a sudden twist, the lady declined to hook up with the actor. It looked like because of his continuous persistence, the lady apparently got angry and began to reign insults on the actor.

It even got to the point in one of the alleged conversations that the lady threatened to expose him and even went as far as insulting the actor's wife, Idara.