Trinity House pastor,

Ibidun shared a beautiful photo of themselves, as she gushed about the man of God, saying:

"To the man after my heart, what do I say? Where do I start?

"Happy birthday to the man of my dreams. Today is a reminder of the day that God created my very own special and priceless gift!

"You are the wind beneath my sails, the one whose presence makes my heart leap for joy, whose smile gives me goosebumps. Sharing this life with you has been mind blowing and it's because you have been selfless, calm, loving, firm, unshakeable, incredible, amiable, gentle, peaceful, fun loving....... I could go on baby because you rock every part of my world. Thank you for being the love of my life and the one my heart loves to love. Happy birthday honey and my singular prayer for you today is that the deepest desires in your heart, my God in heaven will grant you. Keep shining my diamond! I love you apologetically."

Ighodalo's marriage to Ibidun in 2007 is his second after his divorce from first wife, Lucy-Ann Summers, and the couple seem to be going strong.

Find out more about Past Ituah Ighodalo in video clip below.