Today is Alex Ekubos birthday and his very close friend and actor, IK Ogbonna is celebrating with him and jokingly called him his side chic.

IK Ogbonna took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, where he celebrated with the actor as he turns 32 and also hinted at the 'side chic' joke.

"Dear brother @alexxekubo I just want to say I am retiring from the shades-room department, in fact, I am tired of insulting you ATLEAST for today. I wish you many more years ahead and as u grow in wisdom and strength may God guide you. Just so you know Bro .. you are more than just a friend to me     ‍♂️ you are my brother and best friend (well after my wife) God bless you my dear side chick       ‍♂️    ‍♂️ #CHOPLIFEGANG," he wrote.

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IK Ogbonna and Alex Ekubo are two celebrities who have over the years remained very close friends and are always seen at events together, which wouldn't be wrong if IK feels Alex is his 'side chic.'

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IK Ogbonna says he was almost raped by a woman

IK Ogbonna made the news a few weeks ago when he revealed that he was almost raped by a woman.

During a chat with Sun News, the actor was answering questions about the craziest thing a female fan has ever done to him. He then revealed that he wasn't only almost raped by the said lady claiming to be a fan but also got blackmailed.

He went on to explain that since the incident, he has stopped getting personal with his female fans.

"I think that was the craziest thing a female fan ever did to me.Since then, I stopped getting too personal with my fans. I won’t have them come visit me or see me at a friend’s place and all that kind of stuff. I created a barrier,” he said.