On February 15, 2016, veteran Nigerian singer Onyeka Onwenu was relived of her duties as the Director General of the National Center For Women Development.

Yesterday (February 18) Onyeka Onwenu released a statement which basically said she was sacked because she is Igbo.

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Today (February 19) popular on-air-personality Freeze has blasted the veteran singer for whipping up tribal sentiments.

"Dear Madam, you were not sacked because you are Igbo, stop creating unnecessary tension in an already volatile situation you are not helping matters" wrote Freeze on his Instagram account.

"If Nigeria goes to war, poor, innocent and helpless people would suffer. Syria has a population of 25 million people, far less than LAGOS state alone yet the world can’t handle its refuge crisis. I shudder to imagine our own. Lose statements like “Buhari sacked me because I am Igbo” would only serve to fuel more hatred and animosity.

"Sit at home and face your issue without dragging an innocent nation into your personal battle. How long did you really expect to eat under 2 different regimes and what really did you have to offer? – just a thought. Sorry about the typos guys I’m really not happy about this."

In January Freeze tackled the Abia state governor for giving an old woman N1,000.