Yesterday, August 30, 2016,

In the interview which took place at the Cool FM studio in Victoria Island, the veteran media personality spoke about the

"I never debunk personal rumours or accept anything that has to do with a corporate organization that has corporate documents and legal documents that have been signed. I could say things that could put me in the dock and I will be answering questions and I will be gathering witnesses for the next few years. You know how legal documents and corporate documents are" said Freeze.

"One thing I am 100% sure is it had nothing to do with Basketmouth. I don't know where that came from,  like really? And someone called me the other day and was like 'Did get you fired?' and I was like 'you that are asking me can Basketmouth get you fired? from your own job," he further told Pulse.

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Additionally, Freeze said he operates according to the structure of his employers.

"Cool FM is a corporate organization and we all have corporate codes that we abide by even though I like to be Freeze, I like to be naughty" admits the OAP.

"There are some things I have to do and I could get my salary cut if I don't. I could have disciplinary actions taken against me if I misbehave because you know we like to keep it structured" he further said.

Freeze stated that Cool FM is his family and he has been working at the radio station for over a decade. "Cool FM is my family. I have been here 15 years. I joined Cool FM when I was 25 years old, fresh from school. It was my first real job, before that I worked but I worked as a student so Cool FM is the first job I had a graduate and it's the only job. Every other thing I have done is for myself" he said.

In Pulse's exclusive interview with Freeze, he also spoke about his love for radio and how his rift with Basketmouth started.