With the ongoing issue of gender equality in

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On her take on gender equality,

"I’m sorry I don’t think men and women should have equal rights in this case. I think the male should have more than the female, but it should be with proportion, maybe on a ratio of 60 to 40. The reason why I think so is because we women tend to be extremely domineering when it comes to issues and sometimes sentimental. Men can be detailed even though we are sometimes. So, there are proportions in all these things. The role of a man can never be over emphasized. Even though I’m a woman rights activist, I still believe in the place of a woman and a man. The man is supposed to be a step ahead of the woman; you can never take that away."

Speaking about her marriage,

"My husband and I have been good friends and good lovers. We dated and we are still dating. It’s a continuous thing, its not like we don’t fight or have issues, it just makes up the fact that we understand each other as best friends and we know that each step of the way, we take it as it comes and we believe that at the end of the day, we have to make the marriage work."

Daramola recently revealed she will be dealing with her anger issues amongst other things this year.

Last October, Foluke Daramola says she is okay with her body size and is comfortable with it.

In an interview with The Sun newspapers she admitted that she might want to lose a pound or two, but she is okay just the way she is.

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