Enrique Iglesias has been sued by 2 songwriters for ripping off their song, 'Bailando'. They say he's taking all the credit and is making all the money from their song.

German Schulz and Cristian Escuti say they wrote the song titled, 'Quiero Bailer Contigo' in 2009 and sent it to a Sony producer in 2012 but never got a feedback.

Then in 2014, when Enrique released 'Bailando', both songwriters claim it was exactly the same to their original song.

In their legal documents, Shulz and Escuti claim the chorus line, melody, lyrics and rhythm were all lifted directly from their song.They say Sony had partial ownership in the song and "they believe there was a musical conspiracy to jack their song", TMZ reports.

Their grievances span from the fact that 'Bailando' became Enrique's biggest song off his latest album, 'Sex and Love' and has been viewed 686 million times on YouTube.

Check out Enrique's 'Bailando' video below: