appears this has become a trend where certain fans and followers slide into DMs of celebs to beg for money as the latest victim, eLDee is sick and tired of it.

Going by the posts the rapper posted on his Instagram stories on Friday, October 5, 2018, it is obvious that he is fed up with the unending and irritating messages he has been receiving in his DM.

"I'm sick and tired of people sliding into my DM to beg for money. I barely have enough for me and my girls and I sure don't have money trees growing in my yard," he wrote. It didn't end there as he went to reveal that for every time he gives out money, he is depriving his family the things they need.

"You need to know that every time i give you money, I am depriving myself and my family of the present and future convenience. I lv to give but I love my daughters more than I love you. The most sacrifice I'm willing to make right now is to teach you how to get money by yourself. We all have the same 24 hours.

"Sad truth is that most people who beg aren't willing to put in the necessary work to get out of their situation. Begging is the laziest of your options. You have limbs and a brain. You don't have to be smart to have a job. Of course, the response is always "I can't find a job" but the truth is you can, you just think you're too cool for what's available to you. You'd rather try to shame me than paying your way through life," he said.

The last time we got to see a  celebrity rant on Instagram over online beggars was when Annie Idibia shared her own story. According to her, the constant plea for financial assistance from these people was beginning to piss her.

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"Stop begging me for money, it is beginning to piss me" - Annie Idibia warns

Annie Idibia sent a warning to those fans and followers who keep begging her for money on social media earlier in the year, stating that it is beginning to piss her off. The actress made this known on her Instagram stories on Thursday, August 16, 2018. According to her, in a series of post on her Instagram stories, she said she also has her own issues and struggles and is fed up with followers sending her messages asking for financial assistance.

"Please, I beg you stop asking me for money! It is beginning to really piss me off...n, worse are the people who constantly insult me if I don't respond or say I don't have.

"This is to every single person sending me account numbers, begging for money every sec of the day!!! Me sef I be human being oooo!!! I have my own issues and struggles!!! We are all fighting the same battle ooo I have my own issues and problems," she said.

Stella Damasus says people would rather beg online than actually work

Stella Damasus has come for online beggarswho would rather beg than even make an effort to work. The actress made this known on her Instagram page on Monday, July 2, 2018. According to Stella, a lot of people would rather beg online than actually work and when questioned, they get angry and end up calling out the celebrity.

"Like many others, I receive direct messages from young people asking me to help them out with their problems. They need money to pay for one thing or the other. 90% of the time it's nothing medical or life-threatening, just money to pay rent or one course in school. I take time to read through their stories and help as many as I can but trust and believe that my contribution may not solve the problem totally. I try to follow up with these people and I find that they always end up in the same place (broke).

So I started asking them to learn a trade, use their talent, get mentors, learn from YouTube. If these people have enough data to come and ask for money on social media then they would definitely have enough to learn something from YouTube or other free webinars. The moment I start to ask them to learn something I become an enemy. Then I get messages like "if you don't want to help me just say it. We, your fans have made you into a star but you can't help us with your money". It used to upset me but then I had to understand that the heart of a hungry person can lead to verbal diarrhea," she said.