Just recently,

The actress revealed she was not going to give up on her marriage to the Nigerian billionaire when she took to Instagram and wrote, "I see a man who takes good care of our kids , a man who has supported me financially , yes he might not be the best husband but I appreciate him in every way . No one ever gets a complete man . We might not be compatible as husband and wife but I am blessed to have him in my life.”

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And now the actress seems to have changed her mind (or so we think) with this latest post on her Instagram page.

Mrs. Danjuma today, Thursday, April 21, 2016 took to Instagram to share a picture with the words, "A life long connection born from temporary lust. The innocent suffer when we go our seperate ways. Broken homes seen to be the norm nowadays. This is not the way I wanted it or imagine it!!"

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She captioned it, "#prayforthechildren."

We wonder.... what kind of message is Caroline trying to pass across?

Is she leaving Musa Danjuma for good, or is this just another 'innocent' post of hers?