Glamour Magazine has finally announced that its 25th Anniversary 'Women of the Year' Awards, which will take place on November 9 at Carnegie Hall in New York City, has Caitlyn Jenner on it.

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This event which is meant to celebrate women’s achievement, has been a source of controversy since it was learnt that the transgender was being considered for the award.

Glamour Magazine's  Editor-in-Chief will honor trailblazers and news makers from across the worlds of fashion, politics, entertainment, business, and more.

Read the list of those nominated for the award below:

*Reese Witherspoon: The Hollywood Hero.

*Victoria Beckham: The Fashion Force.

*Misty Copeland: The Showstopper.

*Elizabeth Holmes: The Entrepreneur.

*Caitlyn Jenner: The Transgender Champion.

*Team USA (U.S. women’s national soccer team) - Game Changers.

*Cecile Richards: The Health Advocate.

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Caitlyn might be poised to take this award home after all, even though Pulse readers agree that the transgender does not deserve the award.