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The ex couple had reunited in New Orleans, on Sunday, April 10, during the latest episode of Caitlyn's reality TV show, 'I am Cait'.

Caitlyn and Kris addressed most of the issues which have arisen from the ex Olympians gender transition, as well as her reasons for stalling on dating any man.

The couple, surprisingly got along quite well following all the animosity that has been shared between the two recently.

Kris and Caitlyn joked about everything from politics to their boobs, amongst friends, drinks and food, passing as the perfect ice breaker before getting down and dirty.

When asked if Caitlyn had been honest about her gender identity issues during the course of their marriage, to which the 66-yr-old transgender insists she had been totally honest, Kris said:

"She didn't tell me. What happened was a conversation in a driveway. He says to me, 'Do you ever wanna have more kids?' I said, 'God, no.' He says, 'Ugh, neither do I ... I couldn't have more kids if I wanted to.' I went, 'Wait, what?' He goes, 'Oh, jeez, back in the '80s I messed around with this or that and it kinda screwed up my sperm count.' It could have been steroids for all I knew. He was an athlete, he never said estrogen ... there was no, 'I am transgender.'"

Explaining her own part, Caitlyn said:

"I said, 'I had a condition that I've been dealing with forever.'"

"I said that I was on hormones and that's the reason it might be tough to get pregnant."

When asked if she would still be married to Caitlyn if she had known of her transition 10 years earlier, Kris had been nice and sweet, saying:

"I probably would have turned into the world's greatest best friend."

In respect to that, Kris was a good sport when she asked Caitlyn about dating men, to which she answered:

"If I went through with, like, final surgery and all of that.

"I wouldn't date a guy with ...", implying that she would wait till after the total sex change before dating anyone, to which Kris had been quick to point out:

"You can go out for a drink — you don't have to have sex."

The episode had rounded up with the friendly ex's sharing a lip to lip kiss, which might bode well for a healthy friendship between the pair.

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Watch a trailer of an  'I am Cait' episode as Caitlyn Jenner talks about dating men below: