Birdman doesnt want you all to disrecpet his name and he means it… not even the trio at the Breakfast Club Power 105 FM are allowed to play with his name!

The ace rapper and producer walked out of his interview with The Breakfast Club on April 21 after yelling and threatening all three hosts of the show - DJ Ebvy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne.

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Power 105.1's 'The Breakfast Club' is where artists can come to talk about their music and straighten any shade thrown at them by Charlamagne. Sometimes, artists are talked about in their absence and can't defend themselves. This is perhaps the reason why Birdman literally entered his interview Friday morning very pissed at what's been said about him on the number one radio show in America.

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In a video released by the show on Friday, Birdman snatched his sunglasses off and looked at the hosts eye-to-eye and began with, "I wanna start this sh*t off straight, telling all three of y'all stop playing with my f*cking name!"

The Cash Money pioneer proceeded to tell the crew, "When my name comes up, respect it. All three of y'all, stop playing with my f*cking name. I'm not 'gone say it…"

Watch the full interview below: