Maikori said he was wrongly quoted by some media houses who claimed that he was angry at the Nigerian president.

The music executive made it known that he is not involved in any misunderstanding with the President Buhari led administration.

Maikori mentioned in his statement that his untitled post on Facebook was an attempt to get the youths actively involved in politics and governance.

"My piece put the responsibility of getting young people more active in politics and governance solely on the shoulders of the youths, so I was surprised and vexed when yesterday 17 of April 2016, I began to see my name being mentioned in articles titled “I Am Angry With Buhari – Audu Maikori” and “Audu Maikori: 'I am angry with Buhari', music exec reveals”.

He also stated that any attempt by the media to link him to a war with the government should be disregarded, also threatening legal action.

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Maikori said, "I am not on a war-path with President Buhari or his office, and any attempts to put me on a war-path with him or his esteemed office through malicious headlines and stories is purely the work of those bent on undermining my attempts to get youths involved in governance, and I will not hesitate to take legal action if need be."

"As an individual and in my official capacities as the head of my various business concerns, I have maintained a very cordial relationship with the media, and appreciate all the help they have rendered."

"I however will draw a line where certain sections of the media, having direct access to me, go ahead to publish and disseminate malicious content to bring my name or those of my business concerns into disrepute."

Audu Maikori is a multi award winning entrepreneur and creative industry specialist. He is also a social activist who has participated in various youth empowerment projects.

In March 2014, YNaija Magazine, one of the leading youth influencers, named Maikori as one of the most powerful people in Nigerian Entertainment.

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