Amber Rose may have finally let the cat out of the bag and reignited some major drama between Tyga and Kylie Jenner! The model has revealed that the 25-year-old rapper is cheating on Jenner with his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

In her new interview with GQ magazine, Amber puts the 'Stimulated' rapper on full blast by flat-out accusing him of trying to win back Chyna while proclaiming his deep love for 18-year-old Jenner.

The 32-year-old author and model explained to the mag how she felt about him allegedly text messaging his ex while being “out” with the then underage reality star. This explains why she put Tyga on blast in the first place during a radio interview with 'The Breakfast Club' back in February.

"I really went in on Tyga. He’d been texting Blac Chyna," Amber explains in the interview. She goes on to share that the rapper was telling Chyna, "I really want my family back" — but he was out with a 17-year-old."

However, Amber claims she wasn’t necessarily blasting Tyga intentionally, but that Blac Chyna is her best friend and she felt the need to defend her. Sisters before misters, obviously! Though it does suck that this is being dragged back up again, especially for Kylie as she and her family continue to worry about Lamar Odom's recovery.

Although she spoke about so many things, the mother-of-one has also slammed the mag for referring to her as "Kanye's infamous ex and Wiz Khalifa's baby mama."