The New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio has asked the United States government to pay $35m for Donald Trump’s security costs.

The city had earlier complained on the high cost of providing security for Trump, who has an apartment at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

De Blasio, who described the issue as truly unusual, revealed that he has sent letters President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders on the matter.

The mayor said he asked the government to provide funds needed to provide security to Trump till he is sworn in as President.

Speaking on the nature of the neighbourhood where the President elect’s residence is located, de Blasio said  "This is a highly-trafficked, dense urban environment, and one that presents an unprecedented and unique target for potential terrorist activity.

“No other president in modern history has had his primary residence located in such a densely-populated neighbourhood."

According to Reuters, he also revealed that the city will continue to request for funds for Trump’s security, when he becomes President.

The mayor also added that he has discussed the issue with the President-elect’s nominee for treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin.

Reports say Trump has also hinted that he will come to New York often, and Melania Trump will remain in New York throughout the school year with their son.

The prestigious Trump Towers in New York City  is the headquarters of Donald Trump’s global business empire.