1. They love Agberos and want them back in the markets.

2. They want Kabaka and his boys to come back to the streets and rule like warlords

3. They want CDAs back so that nobody would be able to invest in Edo any longer because there would be no transparent means to access and register land

4. They want to come to Government House every weekend to party and go home with Ghana must go?

5. They want contracts to be awarded 4 times with billions wasted on political contractors?

6. They want to build a school block with over N100m

7. They want to only build school buildings and not care if pupils actually learn

8. They want pensioners back in Ring Road to resume protests because we know it is the money for their pension that would be frittered in wild parties by politicians

Say No to Egypt

Vote PDP

Vote Governor Obaseki to keep the Agberos far away from our markets.

Vote Governor Obaseki for continuity.