Dr George Moghalu, All Progressives Congress (APC) National Auditor and Anambra governorship aspirant, says the state has the potential to be the best in the country if well managed.

He made this known in Abuja on Tuesday while speaking with newsmen on his desire to re-contest the Anambra governorship election slated for November 18.

“I have gathered the necessary experience and I have come again to offer myself to serve my people, am confident that I have something to offer.

“Because of our capacity and untapped potential, Anambra State if well managed should be a state to look up to as a starting point,’’ he said.

According to him, there is a lot to be done in the state to take it to the next level of development.He said that there was the need to create an environment for the private sector to grow while changing its narrative.

Moghalu said there was quite a lot to be done in the state in terms of governance, infrastructural development as well as expanding its agricultural base. “There is quite a lot to be done and that is why I have taken time to prepare my manifesto.

“There are issues that have to do with the power sector, the industrial base, infrastructural development, agriculture and even education.

“Our infrastructure is totally decayed, never mind what you see on television,’’ he said.

The governorship aspirant said he was optimistic that he would win the election even with the incumbent governor and other big wigs contesting it.

He said that the power of incumbency had since 2015 been demystified in the country, when a sitting government was voted out of power.

Speaking on the chances of the APC winning the election considering that the state was being governed by a member of the All Progressives Ground Alliance (APGA), Moghalu said that election mostly was about individuals.

“Let me emphasise it again, for every election, apart from the party, the individual candidate you present has a very strong role to play.

“For APC as a party, we are very acceptable in the state and I have a credible record that the people of the state can trust.

“I am seen as a credible and consistent politician in the state and whenever I say something, I stick to it and whenever I enter a commitment, I do everything humanly possible to keep to it.

“It is about the person not the party, so when you join the credibility of the person and that of the party, then you have a candidate that can be easily sold to the people.

“But if you choose the wrong candidate believing that because of one reason or the other, it becomes a party issue, you may run into a difficult situation,’’ he said.

He decried the continued dependence of states on federal allocation, saying that such did not make political and economic sense and was not healthy for development.

According to Moghalu, because the country is presently a one product economy, it is being controlled by external forces, especially as it cannot determine the price of crude.

He said he would effectively harness agricultural potential in the state, especially in rice production by expanding its base and possibly export it to increase the state`s revenue if elected.

The governorship hopeful also said that he would create enabling environment for the private sector in the state to grow by addressing issues of road and power infrastructure.

He expressed optimism that elections would hold in Anambra in November, as well as the South East generally in 2019, in spite of the threat by Biafra agitators.

“I am sure that the Federal Government has the capacity to organise elections and provide enough security for lives and properties in the state and the country generally,’’ he said.

He noted that the emphasis on certificated education was the reason a lot of people go to any length to buy certificates they could not defend.

“We must change the narrative, we must change our education curriculum and target a situation where we train people that can be self employed with the capacity to employ others,’’ he said.